When Data Management is Your Priority

Kuberre Systems is a financial data management and analytics company with an exclusive focus on the investment management vertical. With deep domain expertise, Kuberre provides end-to-end solutions that are tailored to each client's unique requirements. Our solutions also provide the flexibility needed to easily accommodate clients' changing needs - at either the department or enterprise level.

When Data Analytics is Your Priority

Built on Kuberre EDM and using Python as the core development environment, Kuberre' s Quantitative Techniques in Python (QTPy) is an easy to use python library designed for quants and data scientists. QTPy hides the complexities of data engineering from data scientists while seamlessly providing massively scalable access to underlying data through fully associated Python objects. .

Build vs. Buy

Your firm needs a better EDM solution. You've looked at the build and buy options, and neither works for you. Building from scratch is too expensive and risky. Buying a commercial product locks you in with limited flexibility. Kuberre offers a third choice - a hybrid model that is a happy medium between Build and Buy.

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Investment Data Management Solutions

Are enterprise data management issues holding your firm back? Is your team spending too much time and money trying to resolve them, and not delivering the needed results? Kuberre Systems can help. We excel at solving investment management firms' toughest, most complex data management challenges, and can do the same for your firm.

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Business processes vary from one investment firm to another. But there are certain common requirements for data management and analytics. Our Precast Components address these common needs. They speed up time-to-production while also providing the flexibility needed for customization.

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