Algo Trading Platform

With algorithmic or 'algo' trading, the key to success is having a trade lifecycle that is high speed from start to finish.

To get there, some firms need to cut down latencies in only one or two components of their existing trading workflows. Other firms need more extensive changes and are looking for a whole new low-latency environment. Whatever the changes, firms cannot afford lengthy development or deployment cycles. They need high-end algo trading capabilities that are production ready.

Kuberre's Algo Trading Platform meets these requirements. Designed for investment management firms, hedge funds and proprietary traders, the Algo Trading Platform is an out-of-the-box solution that can. Built on Kuberre's patented HANSA/ULLTRA appliance, it supports the full trading lifecycle, including processing exchange feeds, pre-trade risk management, algorithmic trading, and order routing - all in one box.

The Algo Trading Platform solution is available in packages that have been pre-configured for different deployment scenarios. Following are descriptions of the most popular packages.

Algo Trading in a Box (FPGA-based)

By creating and storing the client's trading full strategies directly in the solution's firmware - coded in its field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) - this is Kuberre's lowest latency, highest performance package. It can deliver "tick-to-trade" times of less than 10 microseconds. Its primary major components include:

  • TBT Handler - Tick by tick data handler entirely built on field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), chips which enable con
  • Order Book - Offers essentially unlimited depth; may grow to 2K or 30K deep based on instrument volatility. Supports 11K instruments - CM or F&O
  • Risk Management System - Includes all of the risk checks mandated by the exchange, and accommodates additional checks specified by the client.
  • Order Management System - Provides real-time views of orders, trades, and of P&L - at the individual scrip, strategy, or client level.
  • Venue Connector: Delivers TAP connectivity with orders sent and received in the format specified by the exchange
  • Trading strategies created and stored within the solution's FPGAs (integrated circuits).

Algo Trading in a Box (CPU-based)

For clients who want low latency but also require greater security and control, Kuberre offers an Algo Trading in a Box solution in which the client's algorithm is created and maintained on the server's CPU. This solution delivers end-to-end latency of less than 7 microseconds, plus the algo latency on the CPU (which is client-dependent).

Just like the FPGA-based option, this solution delivers a complete, end-to-end algo trading environment with all of the same features listed above. The difference is that with this solution, the client maintains possession of and control over their algorithm. Kuberre works with the client to port their algorithm to the system's CPU. We have extensive library of APIs for interfacing with algorithms such as Calendar Spread and Pairs Trading. Kuberre also can work with clients to implement any custom API that is required to support their algorithm.

Ticker Plant (Tick Data Handler & Order Book)

For clients who have an existing trading infrastructure but need help cutting down latencies associated with their ticker plant, Kuberre's Ticker Plant is the ideal solution. It is optimized for two primary functions - consuming tick data from the exchange and broadcasting the order book. Ticker plant delivers end-to-end latency of less than 5 microseconds. The solutions primary components include:

  • Tick by tick data - TBT handler (on FPGA)
  • Order Book - Offers essentially unlimited depth; may grow to 2K or 30K deep based on instrument volatility. Supports 11K instruments - CM or F&O
  • Handles TBT specification 1.x as well as 2.x (bucket feed)
  • A normalized five-deep Order Book output stream over 10Ge TCP/UDP directly from its FPGA TCP/IP stack (without CPU/OS intervention) with user subscription mode
  • C APIs for requesting order book by depth

Low-Latency Pre-Trade Risk Management

Kuberre developed this solution specifically for clients who are satisfied with their overall trading infrastructure but need to increase the speed of their pre-trade risk processes. The Pre-Trade Risk Management solution is a centralized enterprise risk management platform. It interfaces with the client's existing OMS, and runs through pre-trade checks that are mandated by the exchange or brokerage house, or imposed by the client.

Kuberre's Pre-Trade Risk Management solution delivers full risk checks with end-to-end latency of just 1.3 microseconds. It also can perform consolidated risks enterprise-wide without increasing the associated latencies. The main features and functions of this solution include:

  • Risk Management System (FPGA-based)
  • Orders/trades parsing Engine (FPGA-based)
  • Automated pre-trade risk checking as mandated by the exchange or brokerage house, or directed by the client/trader. Checks are user-configurable through the solution's UI.
  • All trades are consolidated and new orders are checked for pre trade clearance in conjunction with consolidated trades
  • Alerting - All pre trade risk failures trigger and alerts sent through the solution's UI.

Meeting Clients' Unique Low-Latency Needs

No two Kuberre clients have the same low-latency trading environment, nor do they have the same strategies and approaches for improving their systems. In short, every client is different, and each has their unique requirements. To ensure that we meet client's needs precisely, we built features into the Algo Trading Platform solutions that make them easy to configure and customize, while still achieving very fast time-to-production.

To learn how Kuberre's Algo Trading Platform solutions can reduce latencies across your entire trading infrastructure, contact us today.