Beyond Build vs. Buy

Old Options, New Needs

Your firm needs a more effective enterprise data management solution - that much is clear.

What's less clear is how you'll get an EDM solution that will precisely meet all your requirements today and be flexible enough to grow and change along with your company and its business.

You've looked at the build and buy options, and neither one meets all your needs. Buying a system would mean faster time to production, but at the expense of customization. Building your own system would let you meet more of your specific requirements. But in-house development is risky and expensive. Projects often take longer and cost more than expected.

Happy Medium: Buy AND Optimize

Kuberre Systems offers a third option - Buy and Optimize - which strikes a happy medium between these two traditional paths. Our hybrid model gives customers the best of both worlds.

To get the benefits of the 'buy' option, we design and build solutions that use Kuberre Precast Components. These are pre-built modules that handle key investment management functions, and can be quickly and easily combined to form the foundation of a solution. This gives Kuberre clients the custom-style solution they want with the greatly accelerated time-to-production they need. That's the 'buy' part of the approach.

On the 'build' side, our team of data management experts and solution engineers partner closely with clients to understand their specific processes detailed requirements. They then assemble the necessary components, and shape and augment them as required to ensure precise alignment with the client's needs.

The result is a happy medium - systems that give clients the customization and flexibility they want, with the fast time-to-production they need.