Consolidated Evaluation Platform

Valuing investment portfolios and securities can be a complex, time-consuming and costly task. Whether it's determining the market value of a broadly traded stock or the fair value of an illiquid security, firms face an array of challenges with this process.

This is especially true for firm's Independent Valuation Committees as well as third parties, such as accounting and outside auditing firms that have to produce accurate valuations from their 'outside-looking-in' perspectives. Following are some of the common problems and challenges in the valuation process.

  • Complexity - There are variations across different vendors' pricing feeds which can cause significant valuation errors. To avoid making these errors, firms need to normalize pricing data using high-quality reference data - -which many of them do not have.
  • High Cost - In many firms, regional offices and different departments have their own subscriptions to data services provided by vendors such as Bloomberg, Standard & Poor's, and Thomson Reuters. Without enterprise-wide management of their data services, firms typically incur high duplicative costs for pricing data subscriptions and licenses.
  • Inefficiency - Many firms lack a centralized pricing data warehouse. Instead, they have various silos of pricing data located throughout the firm. This fragmentation and lack of scalability create inefficiencies in everything from data loading and processing, to handling ad hoc queries and other analytics, to client reporting.

The Kuberre CEP, offered as a Independent Price Verification Service, includes:

  • Global coverage of over 33+ million instruments across 160+ asset classes
  • More than 1,400 normalized security reference, pricing reference, and the underlying assumptive data items.

Several Kuberre Systems clients, including one of the 'Big Four' accounting firms, rely on our Consolidated Evaluation Platform (CEP) to overcome these challenges. The CEP is a reliable, centralized platform for providing the data required to produce accurate valuations of investment management portfolios, specific holdings and other, hard-to-value instruments.

With the Kuberre CEP, Independent Valuation Teams as well as global auditing teams have fast and easy access - at any time and from anywhere - to a single, unified resource containing more than 180 normalized pricing reference data elements for more than 33+ million instruments. Instead of wasting time sifting through multiple repositories, valuation and auditing teams can increase their efficiency and effectiveness with instant access to the data they need either through a simple to use graphical user interface or through API's.

Please talk to us and see how some of the largest organizations have benefited from the above core foundation and had a precise solution meeting their exacting requirements, in production, in less than 4 months. For clients interested in outsourcing the data management aspects of their valuation processes, Kuberre Systems also offers the CEP as a fully hosted and managed service.

If your firm needs a more effective way to manage its pricing data resources and valuation processes, contact us today. We're ready to help.