Kuberre Data Kernel

Kuberre's Data Kernel is a software component that provides comprehensive, end-to-end data management capabilities.

It gives firms a fast and cost-effective way to overcome source, transform and distribution problems to gain more value and create more competitive advantages from their data assets.

Whether you're looking to solve a specific, data-related problem in your operations, or to unify data management across your entire enterprise, Data Kernel is flexible and scalable enough to meet your requirements. As one of our Precast Components, Data Kernel powers all data management functionality that's 'under the hood' of Kuberre's Solutions.

Data Kernel includes pre-coded and tested technical elements that are designed specifically to support the underlying processes required for optimal data management in institutional production environments. These elements include:

  • Central Data Repository - compatible with all any relational database
  • Data Integrators - with pre-built data loaders for all major vendors, and easy to use Jobs/Transformation/Mapping tools
  • Orchestration & Scheduling Engine - with available, easy-to-configure scheduling templates and an intuitive UI for graphical (point & click- configuration and monitoring)
  • Exception Management Application - includes a graphical UI and sophisticated but easy to use Data Exception Resolution Workflow
  • Data Distribution Engine - Provides consumption-driven delivery, optimized for delivery in all popular formats (including xls, csv, database views, reports, xml, Web services)

With these built-in features, Kuberre's Data Kernel makes it easy for clients to adopt a new, five-step process for more effective data integration and distribution.

Data Kernel drives a 5-step process for data integration and distribution.

Although Data Kernel is one of our Precast Components, we know that every client has unique requirements that need to be met. For that reason, it is designed with a variety of extensible elements that facilitate that critical 'last mile' of customization. That's how we ensure that the Kuberre Data Kernel becomes the cornerstone of a solution that precisely meets the client's exact requirements without lengthy development and implementation timeframes.

Learn more about how your firm can benefit from the smarter approach to data management and accelerated time-to-production offered by the Kuberre Data Kernel. Contact us today.