Entity Lineage

IT and Operations teams in investment management firms should always know exactly how their business processes are supported by specific data flows and infrastructure elements, and have all the dependencies mapped out. Basically it's a blueprint for how technology moves information throughout the business.

At Kuberre Systems, we refer to this information as entity lineage. It's the combination of data lineage (associations and interdependencies between data items) and infrastructure lineage (associations and interdependencies between infrastructure components like servers, hubs, routers and switches). It's must-have intelligence for:

  • Ongoing IT maintenance - When teams need to migrate, upgrade, reboot or swap out a resource such as a server, switch, disk drive or database.
  • New IT initiatives - When teams are initiating Big Data initiatives, transitioning critical resources to the cloud, or implementing new, strategic business applications.
  • Emergency Response and Recovery - when teams need to identify, diagnose and resolve business process outages related to applications going down, viruses, malware, spyware, network intrusions and data breaches.

The problem is that many firms don't have this information nor do they have an easy way to get it. As a result, when any of the above situations arise, teams resort to going through outdated documentation and spreadsheets manually.

Kuberre's Entity Lineage Solution addresses this pressing need. It gives firms automated and highly accurate ways to gather the up-to-date and detailed lineage intelligence they need, and display it in graphical ways.

The Entity Lineage solution reflects the Kuberre team's deep domain expertise in investment management technology and business processes. Its auto-discovery features can crawl throughout the most complex environments to locate, identify and profile data-driven processes, infrastructure elements and the dependencies that tie them together. Entity Lineage's sophisticated mapping tools generate graphical representations that make it easy for staff to visualize their resources and understand upstream and downstream dependencies and potential impacts.

Our Entity Lineage solution's design acknowledges many of the requirements that are common with this type of solution, and checks off those boxes with prebuilt components that greatly reduce time-to-production. But we also realize that every firm's environment is different, and that each client has unique requirements. That's what we've added features to Entity Lineage to make it easier to customize the solution so it precisely meets clients' exact needs and preferences.

Having highly accurate and user-friendly data and infrastructure lineage information at a team's fingertips can make all the difference. To learn what Kuberre's Entity Lineage solution could do for your firm, please contact us today.