Enterprise Data Management &



ER360 is a powerful combination of Kuberre Enterprise Data Management and a robust BI Platform powered by Information Builders' WebFocus. Designed to address an Asset Manager's end to end reporting needs, it is a cloud hosted, prebuilt, turnkey EDM plus a reporting solution that provides prebuilt analytics for investment, risk, portfolio managers, and client reporting.

It offers small to mid-sized firms access to the same sophisticated solutions that firms with large IT infrastructure have. It integrates data from multiple systems in the firm and easily combines that data with market data from third party sources providing a harmonized single cleansed view of all data assets.

ER360 is a "Buy Solution", not a "Build Solution", including a prebuilt EDW (enterprise data warehouse), prebuilt extracts, prebuilt transformations, as well as prebuilt metadata and analytics content. It's fully hosted enabling optimal use of clients systems and programming resources.

It is Future Proof. On-going maintenance and new data management are part of the ongoing production tasks. Built on a scalable cloud network with data structures designed for growth, ER360 includes a robust analytics platform.

There is an immediate ROI realization on Day 1, while providing an enterprise wide industry standard solution. It includes interactive and intuitive self service analysis with drill-able interactive dashboards.

Core Features:

  • Data updates flow automatically

  • Easily handles new data sources

  • Prebuilt interactive dashboard on Day 1

  • Decreased reliance on manual Excel calculations

  • Ability to lever historical data to strengthen client relationships

  • Allows one to confidently create more complex investment products

  • Easily visualize one current positions

Business Line Value:

  • Client Reporting
    • Distribution ready client reports or interactive eStatements
    • Data aggregated from positions, performance and risk
  • Investment Risk
    • Visualize risk perspective by a single portfolio or across portfolios
    • Ability to integrate with client specific 3rd party risk analytical engines
  • Compliance
    • Meet regulatory demands through compliance specific reports
    • Data Governance, Data Dictionaries and Data Quality are included in the platform
  • Enterprise View for C-Suite
    • Enables view across entire organization by clients and portfolio strategies
    • Investment performance data combined with sales & marketing efforts


  • Deployable across one or more business lines for immediate benefits without massive uplifts

  • Helps to monetize your Data Intellectual Property

  • Complete end-to-end product: Data Aggregation, Normalization, Orchestration to Intuitive Analytics

  • Provides a golden record of all key data set with purpose-built Analytics, Reporting and Dashboards