Event Fusion

Professional investors always need to keep a close eye on events that have the potential to impact their portfolios and trading activities positively and negatively.

Just a few short years ago, this was a much easier task. With their watch lists in one hand, and market data and news feeds in the other, institutional investors could stay informed and miss very few things that mattered.

Today it's much more complicated and time-consuming. Meaningful events stream in constantly, like a fire hose of information... key release dates, news, ratings and now add in social media, crowd kinetics and on and on. The lightning-fast speed with which these items move through capital markets can drive wild swings in public sentiment and more importantly, prices!

Tracking and processing all of this data and events is a different job that clearly requires a new tool. Kuberre Systems meets this growing need with its introduction of Event Fusion technology.

Kuberre's Event Fusion solution provides automated and customized event monitoring of both traditional and new media sources. It captures relevant events from disparate data flows, letting you choose the events, and define the sources and key terminology, and delivers the filtered results to your users in real time on their preferred devices - smartphone, tablet or PC.

Event Fusion gives traders, market makers and portfolio managers an efficient way to consolidate, sort and prioritize key events, and integrate that information into the investment decision-making processes to allow the user to make sense of it all. It includes a set of pre-built and tested modules that accelerate solution development and reduce time-to-production. Providing 'out of the box' capabilities, these modules include:

  • Preconfigured data handlers - for consolidating events from various sources, including
    • Macro-economic factors
    • Social media feeds - Twitter, LinkedIn, Stock Twits, Facebook
    • News Feeds - DJ/WSJ, The Economist, Reuters
    • Internal Feeds - Analyst research, comments, quant scores
  • Entity-based filters - Entities are user-defined items such as portfolios, securities, sectors, countries and currencies, etc. that are relevant to users' investment strategies.
  • Event Creation - These are items that users deem relevant and that are available in feeds they are subscribed to and/or are licensed to use from the data vendors as appropriate
  • Alerts - Users can configure how and when they will be notified once an alert condition is met. Available options include on-screen pop ups, pings, SMS messages, e-mails, daily roll-ups, etc.
  • Graphical UI - An intuitive user interface that provides a simple, graphical means of connecting key words and potential events to portfolios and other entities.
  • Plug and Play installation - Enables users to be up and going in minutes without taxing their firms' IT resources at their firm and without stepping on compliance rules.

Each client has unique requirements they need to meet with their event monitoring and alerting capabilities. That's why we built features into Event Fusion that make it easy to extend and customize its functionality to align precisely with client's needs and preferences - all without lengthy development or implementation timeframes.

Getting a handle on your growing universe of relevant events can help your firm deliver better investment management performance. To learn how you can use Kuberre's Event Fusion solution to harness the power of events, contact us today.