For algorithmic - or 'algo' - traders, there is a clear need for speed.

Traders with the fastest execution speeds typically outpace their competitors. To gain speed advantages, algo traders rely on high-performance computers and connectivity, advanced models and other sophisticated technological tools.

The challenge facing algo traders is that like all trades, their transactions need to be executed across a series of separate workflow elements. These include tick data handling, analytics (order book creation, etc.), running algorithms against the analytics, and order routing to exchanges or other venues.

Many available products help with individual parts of these workflows, but they not designed to encompass the full trading lifecycle. As a result, they are not centralized, integrated and efficient enough to give traders the end-to-end performance increases they need.

Kuberre's HANSA/ULLTRA offering is different. It provides algo traders and their firms with a true, end-to-end, out of the box algorithmic trading solution that can deliver 'tick-to-trade' times of less than 10 microseconds.

Delivered as an appliance, its foundation is HANSA, a patented, massively parallel hardware platform that combines the power of field programmable gate arrays with the flexibility of C programming. On top of that sits ULLTRA, Kuberre's domain-specific software that supports the entire trading lifecycle - from processing market data and exchange feeds, through pre-trade risk management, to algorithmic trading and order routing.

Combining hardware muscle and software smarts, HANSA/ULLTRA lets clients achieve faster trade executions by eliminating network hops between workflow components, and by enabling multiple functions to be performed simultaneously against much larger data sets. This enables firms to:

  • Reduce the calculation time of complex, financial risk analysis
  • Handle massive quantities of latency-sensitive market data
  • Accelerate compute-intensive applications
  • Gain higher-performance computing at lower costs
  • Reduce data center footprint and energy consumption

HANSA/ULLTRA is one of Kuberre's Precast Components, modules we have prebuilt with the intent of accelerating clients' project schedules and shortening their time-to-production.

HANSA/ULLTRA Capabilities:

  • Tick-to-trade times of less than 10 Microseconds
  • Simultaneously run over 1,000 VWAP calculations
  • Concurrently price over 1,000 complex derivatives
  • Compute a 32k x 32k correlation matrix on a single machine

We leveraged our domain expertise to include in these modules features and functions that address the common investment management technology challenges and common needs we've seen in the hundreds of projects we've successful completed over the past 13 years.

Although there are similarities between firms, we realize that every investment management client has unique requirements that need to be met. For that reason, we designed HANSA/ULTRAA with a full complement of extensible elements that make it easy customize a solution so it precisely meets the client's exact requirements. These 'last mile' tweaks are delivered without lengthy development and implementation timeframes.

Learn more about how your firm's algorithmic trading operations can benefit from shortened trade execution times delivered in a cost-effective way by Kuberre's HANSA/ULTRA offering, please contact us today.