Holdings Hub

To be successful, investment professionals need fast access to accurate views of the holdings in their portfolios.

This need spans nearly every role in an investment management firm including senior management, portfolio managers, traders and compliance officers.

Meeting the need for holdings views, especially enterprise-wide, has become increasingly difficult. Essentially, it's a data management problem. In most firms, the required data is stored in multiple accounting systems. To pull information from these disparate systems and combine it effectively in a unified and useful stream of clean holdings data on a time-series basis, firms need a high-quality and dynamic data model that can support the ever-changing characteristics of the portfolios.

For many firms, however, developing and maintaining high-quality holdings reference data is an ongoing challenge. Account Masters and the associated holdings repository need to be able to accommodate a broad range of financial instruments. The teams responsible for developing them need to come to agreement on the structure, content and 'must-have' elements - and opinions about the best choices often differ. In addition, the asset types of holdings are not static; they need to evolve to reflect shifts in investment strategies or other changes within firms, as well as changes in the market. Which changes to make in the underlying accounting systems, and when and how to make them, can be very contentious issues that are often expensive to resolve.

Kuberre Systems enables clients to overcome these challenges with our Holdings Hub solution.

We've successfully designed, built and delivered Holding Hub solutions for several global investment management firms. In these projects we leveraged Kuberre Precast Components, including:

  • Data management software that normalizes holdings and account master data sets
  • Comprehensive investment data model that can support over 160+ asset classes at the lowest level
  • Workload automation to setup processes and procedures to immediately synchronize any corrections in the underlying accounting and trading systems

All of these components combined together provide a normalized view of holdings across the enterprise. This enables firms to isolate downstream applications from building custom, non-standard and potentially incorrect connectors to the accounting systems. In addition, the Kuberre Holdings Hub acts as a buffer between back office operations and the front office needs, enabling greater agility and responsiveness to the business' needs.

To ensure that we precisely met clients' specific requirements, our experienced Solutions Engineering team customized each solution. Using our hybrid Buy and Build approach, we were able to cut time-to-production for most of these clients to less than four months.

For companies that want to focus more on managing investments and less on managing data, we offer range of optional Hosting & Data Management services packages on an outsourced basis.

Whatever holdings data you need to get a better handle on - stocks, bonds, futures, options, exchange-traded funds, derivatives, benchmarks and more - Kuberre Systems has the knowledge, experience and pre-built tools to help. Contact us today to learn more about how our Holdings Hub solution could improve your operations.