Hosted Data Management Services

The high cost and growing complexity of in-house data management, combined with greater confidence in outsourced options for key IT resources, has many investment management firms considering a move to hosted EDM services.

Offloading this IT burden enables firms to focus more on their core competencies and growing their investment business while lowering operational costs. But the move only makes sense if firms can find the right EDM partner.

Kuberre Systems is the EDM partner investment management firms can rely on. The company offers a fully hosted EDM offering that embodies all of the Kuberre team's domain expertise and data management experience. By partnering with Kuberre, firms are assured that their data management requirements are being handled by experts.

Cloud-Based Hosted EDM Services

Kuberre's hosted EDM service is cloud-based, using high-quality resources such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). Under this program, Kuberre takes on the responsibility for all aspects of clients' EDM requirements, including normalizing data sourced from outside vendors and combining it with internal data, maintaining the data and provisioning it to applications and processes, and providing full technical support. Clients using this service gain a range of benefits, including:

Scalability - Firms can provision their operations with virtually unlimited computing resources on an as-needed basis. There is no longer a need to guess at capacity requirements.

Flexibility - Easy access to flexible computing resources that can be rapidly adjusted - up or down - to accommodate the business as its needs change.

Reliability - A fault-tolerant design enables the service to continue running properly if one of its components fails. SLAs for this hosted service reflect this high-availability.

Security - The security and privacy of clients' data is thoroughly protected, with support for security measures such as identity and access management, built-in firewalls, multi-factor authentication, private subnets and encrypted data storage, etc.

High Performance - Leveraging the Hadoop ecosystem, the service supports high-speed processing of large data sets in a distributed computing environment.

Cost Effectiveness - Client no longer need to invest in the hardware, software and staff with specialized skillsets required to handle EDM in house.

To learn more about how Kuberre Systems cloud-based, hosted service can improve your firm's EDM performance while saving money - and eliminating IT headaches - please contact us today.