Investment Data Warehouse

Recognizing that subpar data management can cause serious operational problems, many investment management firms are looking for more effective ways to manage this critical function.

But growing volumes and ever-changing sources and types of data can make it expensive, complex and risky for firms to change to a new approach.

As one of Kuberre's Precast Components, the Investment Data Warehouse includes a variety of pre-built and tested database components. It's enabling technology that accelerates development of systems that precisely meet clients' exact requirements for storing and accessing all of their data assets.

The Investment Data Warehouse serves as a single, unified repository of enterprise-wide data from all facets of a firm's investment management operations and business processes. Reflecting Kuberre Systems' deep financial services domain expertise, the Investment Data Warehouse includes specialized data structures required for smooth handling of multiple instruments, asset classes and transaction types. Specific contents include:

  • A Security Master that covers more than 5 million instruments, with over 1400+ normalized data items across 160+ asset classes
  • Normalized Holdings and Account Master data sets
  • Transactions data (including cash flows)
  • Management and Performance data elements

Leveraging next-generation database technologies, Kuberre's Investment Data Warehouse is:

  • Highly scalable - Add any number of users and new nodes without impacting availability, speed, throughput or capacity.
  • Flexible - Existing data inputs can be altered and new data sources can be added quickly and easily without involving IT or Operations staff.
  • Reliable - Fault-tolerant design and intelligent fail-over enable the system to meet the most stringent service level agreements
  • High performance - Utilizes an open-source software framework for efficient storage and massively parallel processing of data sets on clusters of commodity hardware.

Solutions built with the Investment Data Warehouse - and any of the other Kuberre Precast Components - provide a perfect medium between the traditional buy/build options. The Precast components minimize development and implementation time, while also making it easy to create 'last mile' customizations to ensure that clients get precisely what they need.

Clients have the option of keeping their solution on-premise or taking advantage of Kuberre's cost-effective cloud-based hosting. In addition, clients can opt for the Managed Data Service that provides outsourced support for up to 24x7 coverage provided by Kuberre's experienced Technical Support team.

To learn more about how a solution powered by Kuberre's Investment Data Warehouse could drive significant improvements in your firm's data management performance, please contact us today.