Managed Enterprise Data Services

One of the major challenges facing investment firms as they strive to improve performance while controlling costs is enterprise data management (EDM). It's a specialized, highly technical and constantly changing that requires substantial investments in people, processes and technologies.

Outsourcing is an option, but with such a critical function, firms need to be sure they choose the right partner. Kuberre Systems is that partner.

We have a long track record of successfully managing EDM responsibilities for some of the world's largest investment management firms. That experience is reflected in Managed EDM Services we offer to clients. These services give firms a proven, sure-footed and cost-effective way to make the most of their data resources while taking the EDM burden off their teams' shoulders.

The Kuberre Services team has hands-on experience in working with all types of data within production environments. They have access to best-in-class tool sets, data-focused software and hardware resources, and the backing of Kuberre's on-staff data engineers and technology experts. In short, they've seen and solved essentially every type of data issue that can arise in investment workflows.

Highlights of Kuberre's Managed EDM Services deliver data assurance that never sleeps. Highlights of these service offerings include:

  • A 24/7 offering - Our premium package with around-the-clock EDM support
  • A 16/5 offering - For firms whose support requirements are not as demanding or whose operations span smaller geographies
  • Packages custom-tailored to clients' specific EDM support requirements
  • Timely, end-to-end problem resolution
  • Complete production environment monitoring and support
  • Phone, email and Web-based support options
  • Provisioning of an intuitive Data Quality Dashboard
  • A dedicated team of Business & Systems Analysts

To learn more about how your firm can maximize the effectiveness of its Kuberre Systems data management and analytics solutions with high-quality, Managed EDM Services, please contact us today.