Kuberre Precast Components

For over a decade, Kuberre Systems has successfully delivered innovative data management, workflow and analytics solutions for major investment management firms.

Our solutions have precisely met the unique requirements of mutual fund companies, money managers, hedge funds, private equity firms and other institutional clients.

Unlike larger enterprise data management vendors that only focus on data integration, Kuberre can deliver true, end-to-end solutions - and do so with very short time-to-production.

What enables us to deliver custom-style solutions in 'off-the-shelf' timeframes is our Kuberre Precast Components. These are functional components and technology assets that we have built and refined over the course of innumerable investment data management and analytics projects.

While every client is different and has unique needs, we have found certain common denominators that are typically required. Our Precast Components are architected to meet these common needs. While leaving plenty of room and flexibility for 'last mile' customization, Kuberre Precast Components help us accelerate project schedules for our clients (often delivering to production in about four months).

Available Kuberre Precast Components include:

All interfaces for our Precast Components are based on the latest UI/UX technologies. This gives our clients a range of benefits, including branded and customized look & feel, responsive design, and simplified custom reporting.

Using Kuberre Precast Components, we're ready to fast-forward your data management and analytics project. To learn more about these building blocks and how we can use them to address your firm's needs, Contact us today.

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