Pricing Hub

Having consolidated pricing data is a core requirement for asset management firms, as it serves as the backbone for Accounting, Trading, and many other Investment Management processes.

There are many market data vendors that offer a wide range of pricing data feeds, some considered specialists for particular instruments or asset classes. To gain trading advantages, meet operational needs, or to support internal preferences, firms often subscribe to several of these vendors' data feeds.

Having multiple data feeds delivers benefits, but managing them effectively requires that they be integrated and allow for cross-feed manageability. This presents several challenges, including:

  • Complex data integration - creating a reference data framework that works across multiple feeds, unifying, normalizing and cleansing disparate data sets
  • Exceptions and format changes - having a capable team in place and available 24x7 to triage the handling of data exceptions and accommodation of vendor-initiated format changes
  • Business rules for data usage - building out the complex rule set that governs which feeds are preferred for pricing which instruments, and sets priorities for secondary and tertiary priorities.

The Kuberre Pricing Hub includes:

  • Fast, thorough and effective integration of feeds from all major vendors
  • Global coverage of over 5 million instruments across 160+ asset classes
  • More than 1,400 normalized security reference, pricing reference, and underlying assumptive data items
  • Intuitive, graphical UI that allows easy data feed rules without any programming requirement.
  • Optional hosting and outsourced support

Relying on operations teams to handle this complex data integration and programming the priority rules is a risky strategy, as even minor errors can trigger major problems.

The Kuberre Pricing Hub solution offers a smarter, holistic and cost-effective approach to maximizing your firm's investments in pricing data. Utilizing several of our Precast Components, combined with 'last mile' customization done by our Engineering team, we can typically deliver a precise solution meeting a client's exacting requirements, in production, in less than four months.

For clients interested in outsourcing the data management aspects of their pricing processes, Kuberre Systems offers the Pricing Hub as a fully hosted and managed service.

If your firm is looking to get a bigger bang for your pricing data buck, we can help. To learn more about how the Kuberre Pricing Hub solution can enhance your operations, contact us today.