Risk Management Analytics

Given how interconnected global markets are today, and how fast information travels, risk management professionals need an analytics solution that delivers.

Risks can arise instantly from any corner of the market, dramatically increasing a firm's exposure. Risks can also dissipate just as quickly. The sheer volume of risk data that needs to be managed, and the speed with which it changes, has ratcheted up the pressure on risk managers.

Not all risk management challenges are external, however. Many exist within investment management firms' own four walls. Common issues that prevent firms from having enterprise-wide views of their risk exposure include:

  • Inability to aggregate risk data effectively across portfolios with varying investment strategies
  • System proliferation - and the data normalization task that grows exponentially with multiple accounting systems and risk management platforms from vendors such as Point, Barra One, Axioma, Northfield, and RiskMetrics.
  • Limited reporting capabilities - difficult to produce precise, accurate and timely reports for internal purposes and external audiences, including clients and regulators.
  • Data integrity issues - caused when manual processes are used across disparate systems
  • User-defined instrument set-up - Varying user perceptions and priorities often leads to uneven and inconsistent handling of exceptions.

Kuberre Systems addresses and overcomes these and other risk-related challenges for clients with our Risk Management Analytics Solution.

We have a successful track record of building advanced risk management analytics systems for institutional financial services firms. For many of these firms, we used pre-built components of the Kuberre Software Foundation, coupled with customization done by our Solutions Engineering team, to build them consolidated risk management analytics platforms with custom reporting capabilities. We completed most of these projects in less than three months. The firm also tapped us to provide outsourced management and support for the system. The result is an end-to-end solution that precisely met the client's specific requirement.

Instead of spending lots of time gathering risk management data and struggling to produce reports, this firm's staff is now able to spend more time thinking about the strategic implications of risk in their portfolios.

For more information about our Risk Management Analytics solution and how it could make a difference in your operations, please contact us today.