Security Master

Your Security Master serves as the blueprint for how your firm combines, normalizes and cleanses its investable security reference data prior to using it in investment management and reporting processes.

Ideally, a security master should be a single, unified, and consistent yet flexible body of reference data. The reality is, however that many firms face ongoing challenges with their security masters.

The Kuberre Security Master includes:

  • Over 33 million tradable instruments from global markets
  • More than 1,600 normalized security reference data items
  • Nearly 700 asset classes at the lowest detail level
  • Coverage for all major market data vendors

Many of these problems stem from complexity. Nearly every firm today has several different data feeds coming in from multiple vendors which need to be normalized and aggregated. That involves building loaders, handling data exceptions, and constantly monitoring notifications from vendors about format-related changes and exceptions and adjusting for them.

Even for people with the requisite skills, this is a complicated, difficult and largely thankless job. Some of the specific challenges include:

  • Managing and integrating the feeds from multiple data vendors and for various asset classes
  • Tracking, analyzing and mitigating the impact of feed changes made by vendors
  • Correctly mapping identifiers (CUSIP, SEDOL, ISIN, etc.) across varied feeds
  • Handling day-to-day exceptions to avoid the disruptions they can cause in operations and proper accounting
  • Finessing the complex integration of external data feeds with both internal data and downstream production systems

The Kuberre Security Master solution combines several pre-built components, including Normalization, IdLinkHub, Data Warehouse, and Data Distribution for all of the major vendor sources. Many clients take it a step further and work with our Engineering team to customize their solutions to precisely meet their unique requirements.

We have extensive experience in handling security master projects for top global investment management firms. That experience, combined with our Kuberre Precast Components, enables our team to deliver production-ready security master in about four months.

With our Security Master solution, Kuberre Systems offer clients a consolidated, fully hosted and managed platform for a global Security Master. To learn how your firm can hand off this always-challenging data management task - and trust that it will be done right - please contact us today