HANSA High-Performance Computing Platform
In capital markets, being able to identify and act on an opportunity faster than competitors creates major advantages that can go straight to your firm's bottom line. But gaining and holding a speed advantage requires high-end hardware, sophisticated software, and specialized staff. In other words, it's prohibitively expensive.

HANSA, Kuberre Systems' high-performance computing platform, changes this equation.

HANSA enables firms to reduce the calculation time of complex risk analysis, handle massive quantities of latency-sensitive market data, and accelerate computationally intensive applications. It does all that while also shrinking firms' data center footprints and enabling them to leverage grid computing at a fraction of the usual cost.

HANSA is a catalyst for major performance improvements throughout a firm's trading lifecycle, including pre-trade risk management, matching engine, post trade surveillance, and algorithmic trading.

HANSA is a patented, massively parallel hardware platform with a rich software stack that combines the power of field programmable gate arrays with the flexibility of C programming. It consists of up to 64 reconfigurable hardware chips and a comprehensive software library that, together, enable firms to address and resolve large, data-intensive and time-critical business problems.

The HANSA Edge in Financial Markets
  • Calculates real-time analytics for over 1,000 stocks simultaneously
    • HANSA can process vast quantities of real-time data, execute analytics and track various real-time benchmarks.
  • Micro-second arbitrage
    • HANSA enables traders to price and re-weight the constituents of indices, pairs, derivatives, and ETFs; Enables clients to exploit minute arbitrage opportunities at micro-second speeds.
  • Derivative risk management
    • Leveraging HANSA's multiple cores, firms can run Monte Carlo simulations faster, with more precision, and less expensively than ever before.
  • Reduce datacenter costs by 65-90%
    • The 1,536 cores in a single box can reduce cooling, air condition, space, and network resources of traditional grid deployments.
  • Extend existing tool sets
    • HANSA supports Matlab plug-ins for solving large matrix problems which are impossible to solve on a PC

ULLTRA - Leading-Edge Solution for Algorithmic & High-Frequency Trading
Kuberre Systems' ULLTRA (Ultra Low Latency Trading Routing and Analytics) is a software solution that sits on top of the HANSA platform. ULLTRA supports the entire trading lifecycle - from processing exchange feeds through pre-trade risk management, algorithmic trading and order routing - all on a single low-latency box. Clients can achieve faster trade executions by eliminating network hops between components and performing multiple, simultaneous functions against much larger datasets in parallel.

ULLTRA uses a componentized architecture, enabling faster time to market and more rapid creation of competitive advantages. ULLTRA components include: Feed Normalizer, Analytics, Algorithmic Trading, Risk, Fix and Order Routing engines. In conjunction with the HANSA platform, ULLTRA enables firms to reduce the calculation time of complex financial risk analysis, handle massive quantities of latency-sensitive market data, accelerate computationally intensive applications, consolidate data center foot print and significantly reduce the cost of computing. The combination of HANSA and ULLTRA gives investment management firms unmatched capabilities for addressing large and time-critical problems.

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