Workload Automation

Operations teams in investment management firms face real challenges with data processing today.

In increasingly complex environments, they need to run more jobs in less time than ever before. These ongoing challenges turn into acute problems when things go wrong with the data.

Because most teams don't have any way to visualize the actual state of their job flows, minor data issues can be difficult to troubleshoot. The resulting delays can cause more problems with dependencies, and in an instant, there's a domino effect that's disrupting critical business processes.

There's a better way, and it starts with Kuberre's Workload Automation technology.

Offering accurate and comprehensive views of end-to-end data processing environments, Workload Automation makes it easy to schedule and monitor many jobs simultaneously - while also accelerating their completion with significantly faster processing times.

As one of the Kuberre Precast Components, Workload Automation includes a set of pre-built and tested modules that accelerate solution development and reduce time-to-production. These modules include:

  • Advanced Scheduler - includes drag & drop UI that enables scheduling of thousands of jobs with varied dependencies, multiple global calendaring rules, and seamless transition across development, UAT, and production environments.
  • Specialized Orchestration Engine - includes graphical workflow set up and monitoring, comprehensive condition management, and flexible, customizable group rule definitions.
  • Distributed Processing Components - Enables reduction of processing times by up to 50%, typically with about 90% code reuse. It provides automatic load balancing and lets teams specify which specific processing nodes correspond to which jobs.

While Workload Automation includes many finished, full functional components, we understand that one size doesn't fit all in investment management. Every client has unique requirements that need to be met. That's what we designed Workload Automation with several extensible elements that facilitate the creation of customized capabilities.

That's how we ensure that our Workload Automation technology will be the foundation of a solution that precisely meets the client's exact requirements without lengthy development and implementation timeframes.

To learn more about how Kuberre's Workload Automation can help your firm to overcome all its data processing challenges, contact us today.